Best Vertical Mobile Games 2023


If you enjoy playing games on your phone, you undoubtedly have a preferred screen resolution. Some people choose portrait gaming, whereas others favor landscape games. Do you purchase an entertaining game to play once you are facing an unpleasant day or simply want to pass the time? Here are the best vertical mobile games for Android that you can download.

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Best vertical mobile games

Crossy Roads

Crossy Roads captured everybody’s attention since it is a straightforward action game that really is simple to perform but extremely engaging, in contrast to the vertical display internet games which are nothing but cash schemes created to take advantage of players. You can let your player complete every task in the gameplay. Just watch out for auto accidents. If this occurs, the game is ended, and you have to restart from the beginning.

The programmer has introduced waterways and railroad tracks through numerous upgrades to the game so that it is even more engaging. Now you should not only be concerned about vehicles but also regarding trains and water!

However, despite the additional difficulties, Crossy Roads is still a fascinating and compelling game. Crossy Roads’ ability to be played across both a horizontal and vertical display is among its finest features.

Pixel Dragon

You may run the Pixel Dragon game in either portrait or landscape orientation.  Because of this, it is simple to shift between playing one-handed and two-hands, based on the device that is used and what is more pleasant for the players.

There is no need to search anymore if you want to play an entirely free and open-source sport. Anyone may play this version for free and decide if they like it because the software is accessible on GitHub.


Orbit is certainly worth trying out if you’re seeking for a game to play that is both entertaining and difficult. The reality that the world’s orbits are continually shifting is among the elements that make this sport so entertaining and difficult.

This implies that to prevent them from clashing or slipping into the black hole, you should continually modify your plan.

Finding the right balance between maintaining them near enough to one another to prevent collisions and maintaining them far enough apart to prevent their orbits from changing is crucial.

Clash Royale

The ideal option if you’ve been seeking an intervention game is Clash Royale. Your objective in this traditional tower defense game is to take out all three of the adversaries’ towers while they are able to do so to you.

You’ll know a lot of the features because the game is based on the popular Clash of Clans figures. But do not be fooled; the action is quite unique and incredibly compelling. So let’s give it a go and judge for sure!

Monument Valley

Among the top mobile video games for vertical screens is Monument Valley. As you progress through the game, the action grows progressively more challenging while also being visually stunning and brain-hacking.

Explore no farther than Monument Valley whether you’re seeking to play one of the top puzzle games available. In this game, you’ll control a woman and her kid as they travel through imaginative buildings and uncover routes that are exclusive to fantasies.

You’ll come across a fascinating tale along the road which will hold you interested right up to the very finish. Every fan who likes puzzle games should play Monument Valley because of its stunning visuals and fun gameplay.


Mekorama is a stunning and difficult puzzle game that is certainly worth trying out. As you strive to complete each level in the game objective, you will direct a charming tiny robot through a multitude of geometric shapes.

Despite being free, Mekorama provides hours of fun playtime. The Mekorama play is not overly challenging, and you may use just one arm to complete this 3D puzzle.


The following were the top 6 best verticle mobile games. Running smartphone games on the vertical display just creates sense in the long run. It’s the standard way to hold a phone. Although the portrait mode layout has certain drawbacks, we think the simplicity is worthwhile. The most important thing is to select the ideal games for you. It’s quite OK if you decide that you like games with a landscape mode. Additionally, a gamepad may always be used to assist with them.


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