Bluetooth in BMW not working? Problem Solved

Why is Bluetooth in BMW not working?

Your Bluetooth device’s and also the device’s system installation’s compliance rely on each other. Both iPhone and Android are also functional with BMW Bluetooth. Below are several solutions if Bluetooth in BMW not working.

We will discuss one of the most typical Bluetooth connection and reception problems we have encountered in this post. We will additionally examine voice clarity and transmission concerns. After having read this article, I believe you are going to have a better grasp of the process and also be capable of resolving issues more successfully.

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Important points

Poor connectivity

Look for connections, disconnect, and then restart everything. Wireless systems have the potential to cause disruptions. Given how highly advanced the newest android phones are, this really is exceedingly extremely unlikely to happen.

These were just some of the difficulties encountered when pairing the android smartphone only with BMW Bluetooth. These repairs can be carried out by one; assistance is not required. It is advisable to have your equipment examined once at the BMW repair center if the problem still continues. The Mobile device’s hardware could also have problems. If somehow the difficulty persists after testing it on other vehicles, you ought to have it examined.

Most Frequent BMW Bluetooth Issues

Call failures, audio that won’t even play having decent connectivity, smartphones that won’t match with the vehicle, and bad audio quality at incredible velocities are just a handful of the Bluetooth concerns BMW drivers may experience.

Although the symptoms can differ, the program tends to be the primary culprit. Or, unless you prefer, the software fault. Likewise in BMW and smartphones.

Sound Quality is bad at Extreme Speeds

Most of this concern can also be attributable to a bad mic setup. Fast-paced telephone calls are practically impossible to have while utilizing a hands-free device.

You can’t be heard at all, or only very faintly by the other individual. The airflow blower’s strong setting may also cause the issue. The audio interface may potentially be affected by this.

Within the situation of poor placement, the audio input direction function is pointed it toward the windshield and circulation. This makes the entanglement noise worse, especially at high rates of speed.

Although it was a production error, we have seen a few instances when the speaker was placed erroneously throughout maintenance or retrofitting. This applies to every BMW vehicle.

Ensure the mic is fitted correctly. The indicator on the speaker must aim towards the path of movement and should be adjusted as appropriate (see image).

Problem with Bluetooth Connectivity

Occasionally there may be a network problem. That Bluetooth in the automobile needs to be correctly linked with the phone. First, from iDrive interface, you may connect your smartphone to your BMW.

Keep in mind, Bluetooth is turned on with both units properly. You must then choose “Manage Portable Devices” and “Insert new device” from iDrive menu in order to link. All devices may show a certain number. The devices will then be connected after you consent to do so.

Additionally, we have to confirm that the cell device has Bluetooth functionality and also that the device is accessible. To locate the selected devices to link to, you could also try updating your Bluetooth menu.

Multiple Bluetooth Devices Are Connected

The presence of numerous connected devices could also be the cause of Bluetooth stopping functioning in BMW vehicles. When all other measures prove unsuccessful, try “Forgetting” a few of the linked devices. You could then attempt matching and joining once more.

If you want to “Forget” any linked items, you must utilize the iDrive software once again. Activate Bluetooth over both gadgets after uninstalling the gadgets. Then attempt reestablishing contact.

How to Reset BMW’s Bluetooth?

You must access the Bluetooth settings in the iDrive in order to reset the Wireless in the BMW. Unplug the appliances that are attempting to restore after that. Then switch off Bluetooth on the BMW and reload the mobile phone. Retry pairing after turning the device back on.


Identifying and fixing Bluetooth issues might be difficult. Regardless of the reality that these problems are frequently brought on by cellphone problems, I am aware of some BMW users who’ve already resolved never to purchase any more BMW as a result of these. There may be a wide range of causes for BMW Bluetooth issues. Troubleshooting Bluetooth issues isn’t too tough.






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