Can you turn off auto scroll on Instagram?

Can You Turn off Auto Scroll on Instagram?

We take a moment to look at topics on Instagram that attract our attention. If it is a lively setting or a well-dressed person, some aspect of that stuff makes us pause. Some of us have been using Instagram, but we don’t know how to turn off auto scroll on Instagram, if you are one of them then read this article. But occasionally Instagram scrolls on its own, and we have no control over it all. This can occasionally be hard to observe such events on our premier destination.

However, is there a way to prevent Instagram from automatically scrolling? Just the newsfeed and occasionally to browse area exhibit snap scrolling. However, don’t worry! As always, we’ve provided methods below, so you may repair and prevent Instagram from constantly swiping posts.

What to do to prevent Instagram from automatically scrolling.

Instagram initially made “Auto Scrolling” available to every consumer as the latest update, rather than as a feature. Some customers were fortunate, but others weren’t really pleased with the new option.

While there isn’t a mute option to limit the auto version, there have been workarounds you may activate to preclude it from occurring.

Is it possible to disable Instagram’s auto-scroll feature?

If the Instagram program has been modified, go over to the account to turn off auto scroll. Select “Settings” from the quatrains in the upper corner, select “Scroll Speed” and select “Off.”

We initially neglected to highlight this option because not all Instagrammers get it.

How can you disable Instagram’s scroll feature?

On Instagram, the scroll is just by default disabled; however, if you’ve allowed it, you may disable it by visiting your account, tapping the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner, and then choosing “Settings.” Remove the “Scroll” option by scrolling down.

How can I stop auto-scrolling?

On some kind of desktops or laptops, the mouse wheel or even the directional buttons are typically used to scroll. Search for a “scroll lock” button on your computer if you wish to turn off this function to ensure that the site does not scroll as you shift the cursor around.

Why does my display automatically scroll?

Several factors might be in play if your touchscreen is scrolling by itself. One option would be that you unintentionally turned on a feature that makes the screen automatically scroll. The other option could be that the display is moving by itself due to a problem with the device’s hardware or software. It could be best to speak with a specialist or the maker of your equipment if you are not able to identify the root of the concern.

Why does the screen of my phone automatically scroll?

A few reasons could be the cause of the scrolling on your mobile screen. One option would be that you accidentally moved the display either up or down by putting a touch or hand there. The other option seems to be that the finger or hand is being drawn to anything on the display, which is prompting it to shift. It’s likely that the device has a software error if none of the following causes seems to apply.

Do you enjoy browsing Instagram videos while you’re working? We don’t want to navigate through reels, though. You may navigate through Instagram Reels in a few different ways. Most people’s personal favorite time is watching Instagram Reels. You may learn about several tools and techniques in this post which will assist you in locating the ideal solution to your problem of understanding how to enable reels’ auto-scroll on Instagram.

A major social media site with millions of followers is Instagram. Every second, people upload new images, reels, and clips. You receive new content each second as a result. Instagram Reels are nonstop, evolving displays with constantly changing content. Customers never grow tired of Instagram Reels because of this. Customers never grow tired of Instagram Reels because of this.

How to enable auto-scroll for Instagram Reels?

If you’re looking for techniques to automatically navigate through Instagram Reels. If so, then you should read this article. This post can provide you access to a variety of tools and strategies for constantly navigating Instagram Reels.

You must deactivate the background app reload to prevent Instagram from automatically scrolling. Instagram must no longer update on its own while you’re scrolling if you disable this function. Instead, you can accomplish this by going to the app’s settings and selecting to re-enable this option. Beneath Network & Internet—App data use is where you may find it. Instagram won’t consume data roaming while scrolling mostly in the background when you have disabled service. To stop auto-refreshing, users could also specify a time restriction for this function.


A different choice is to disable the Javascript feature. Click refresh the screen after that. You may try to log out and clean your caches and data if this does not work. You can restart your device if everything else fails. The simplest way to disable Instagram’s auto-scrolling is by doing this. Simply adhere to the directions above, and everything on Instagram should function normally once more. You’re not the only one that struggles with auto-scrolling. Thankfully, there is a fix—you just need to turn off unlimited scrolling in Settings.


On Instagram the auto-scroll is usually disabled, if you’ve allowed it, you may disable it by visiting your account, tapping the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner, and then choosing “Settings.” Remove the “Scroll” option by scrolling down.

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