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Facebook reels not showing on iPhone

Facebook reels not showing on iPhone

Reels are among Facebook’s latest and also most interesting features, however, the rollout wasn’t without issues. Whereas the majority of those who can get Reels must now have them stored in their accounts, it can be challenging to locate them. Therefore, do not even fret if the Facebook Reels are really not displaying. The Reels can be resolved quickly, and once they are, they must always be accessible moving forward. Despite this, the majority of users having problems can’t discover any Reels at all, including those shared by other users. Then let’s try looking at some more solutions to this issue. Let’s see why Facebook reels not showing on iPhone.

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There may be some troubles with your device.

For some unknown reason, Facebook can display Reels flawlessly solely on a single device, but not in any way upon others. The Reels tab or page, for instance, displays on an iPad while it is absent from an iPhone, seemingly without rhyme or purpose.

Therefore, by using a different device, for instance, an iPad or a laptop, you may rapidly check to ensure there isn’t another issue. If indeed the Reels portion appears on a different device, your particular gadget is the problem instead of a Facebook problem. this could be the reason why Facebook reels not showing on iPhones.

Fortunately, these issues usually resolve completely with time. Therefore, users are not required to continue whether they’re happy to view Reels on another platform for the time being.

Let us just keep searching for options if Reels persist in not appearing, or if you insist that you have those on the current phone as well.

Search in the appropriate area

Reels could be divided into different categories based on the device you’re being used to access Facebook.

This may give you the impression that they’re gone when you should just be focusing on the wrong spot. It’s unclear why Facebook rearranges content so frequently, but still, it certainly is annoying!

Reels can presently be located in any of three locations:

  • When you first launch the app, a “Reels” icon will be located underneath the space where you type your post.
  • Tap Reels under the “Menu” area.
  • While browsing for a while, a widget with various Reels will display on your news stream.

Updating the Facebook app can help you

The Facebook app could be updated to fix several flaws on the site, including commenting issues and pages that are momentarily unavailable.

Facebook releases a lot of upgrades, some of which include crucial problem patches.

Often these flaws only impact various subsets of the population, like users of a particular device.

As a result, one of the initial items you ought to do anytime you encounter a concern or a computer glitch is to see if the app has received an update.

You can accomplish this by going to the android market on your phone and selecting the “Updates” option. Instead, you can use the search box to enter “Facebook” to open the app; if a software upgrade is there, it’ll let you know.

To obtain and install the most current edition of the Facebook application on to a smartphone or tablet.

Get Rid of the App Cache

The term “cache” refers to a group of data that have recently been saved to your phone, typically to speed up program loading.

Yet, it’s possible for items to display incorrectly when apps release modifications to their layout. Therefore, it’s likely that Reels are really not appearing as a result of a cache problem with the program.

Removing the cache may seem challenging if you have never performed it. But it’s really fairly simple.

Reels do not function in the Facebook app

The reels are among the system’s intriguing aspects, and a lot of the users use them.  Others claimed that Facebook was not displaying. Try the aforementioned solutions to see if they help you.

How do I erase the cache on Facebook on my iPhone?

  • Select Apps & notifications in the system preferences.
  • Select “View all applications.”
  • To find Facebook inside the listing, slide. Simply tap to continue.
  • Select Storage and cache.
  • To get rid of the cache, select the Clear cache option now.


To start, figure out why the Facebook reels were malfunctioning. If you can identify the cause, you can come up with a workable way to configure it. I’ve outlined all the potential causes of the Facebook reels’ malfunction in this post, followed by all potential remedies.


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