how to change digital address on amazon

How to change the digital address on Amazon, overview

Users have always had the option of setting multiple locations for certain transactions as Amazon users. This makes it simpler for you to control your Online orders. And then, as one of the leading e-commerce sites, Amazon offers a diverse selection of goods for its clients, including both digital and physical goods.

If you’re one of the consumers who might prefer to utilize a separate location for your online purchases, you’ll find this post to be quite helpful.


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How to Change the Amazon Digital Address.

If you are required to alter the digital address on Amazon for any cause, find your registered residence and try to modify this before. It will offer you the option to choose the current address for Amazon online purchases.

For instructions regarding “how to change your Amazon digital address” see the list below.

  • Browse the Amazon Online store or start the application.
  • Select “Accounts & Lists” in the upper section of the page.
  • Tap “Accounts” below the “Your Accounts.” section.
  • Select “Your addresses” from the list of “Ordering and shopping settings” by scrolling down.
  • Then, under the existing digital transaction address, press “Remove.”  If you’re unclear whether the address you have chosen is an existing one or not.
  • Hit the “delete” button next to each one repeatedly until you get a squeeze stating that “this address serves as your home address for digital transactions.” Hit “No” just on the “Confirm Removal” window if you do not see this text, and then proceed to hit the erase button next to other addresses.
  • You can select from pre-existing addresses or enter a new home to be used for digital purchases.
  • When you’re finished, press “Update.”

How can I acquire Amazon Prime for the least price?

More strategies to save money on Amazon Prime

  • Sign up for the trial.
  • Use each month.
  • Get 6 months for nothing.
  • A reduction for those receiving government help.
  • Discuss delayed shipments with customer service.
  • Attend a sale.
  • Configure Amazon Household.
  • Utilize Subscribe and Save.


What is the monthly cost of Amazon Prime?

The monthly cost for premier is $12.99. Though, you’ll spend around $155 a year if you would like the full range of Prime perks, would rather space out the payments. The cost of a Prime subscription for those who receive certain types of government aid is $5.99 each month. Price: $119 annually.

How many users are allowed to have an Amazon Prime account?

Through Prime Video,  customers can also have a maximum of six profile pages on one Amazon account. Prime Video Accounts are easily accessible from the Your Profiles site.

How Can I Update Amazon’s Preferred Billing Address?

Enter the profile on the Amazon application or website then, once it’s opened, navigate to the addresses’ option to change whatever locations you would like to convert to the standard billing address.

How Can I Change My Home Address On Amazon?

The very first step in changing the permanent address would be to enter the Amazon account, navigate to the page for addresses, and update the very initial address on the contact list. From there, you will be given the choice to modify the home address.

How Do I Modify My Billing Address In The Amazon Phone App?

Any location that appears in the initial column when you select the “Your Addresses” option from the list will serve as the billing address for Amazon. And, in addition, To update your Amazon payment method in the mobile app, click the Edit function now.

How Do I Update My Amazon Shipping Address?

Any time you are seeing an item from Amazon, an offer to “deliver to” is displayed beneath “buy now.” To adjust the shipment address, simply choose the option, then select the appropriate address.


The both shipping address and the payment address information are included on each Amazon statement. The shipping and billing addresses are identical if there is just a single address listed on the profile. However, that invoice, each, however, would be listed individually. If you are still facing the issue, then comment below. We will be glad to solve your problems.




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