How to Delete my Pixiv Account


More venues are emerging for creative professionals even as the net becomes more mainstream press. Like some other popular social media networks, such as Instagram, Pixiv provides one of the greatest places for artists to showcase their art. Although joining the service is quite simple, few users are aware of how to delete my pixiv account. This is how should you decide to remove your Pixiv membership for any cause.

Although it appears straightforward, many users have trouble finding the “leave Pixiv” page as it is hidden within customer care posts. Your settings page or all of these tools or profiles do not allow you to cancel your membership. Users will not be able to terminate their profile whether they have lost their password unless they beg for just a fresh one. Although it normally doesn’t cause excessive trouble, it can make the removal procedure take longer.

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Removing Accounts on Pixiv

Pixiv is much more than simply a website for creative professionals; in addition to displaying their personal artwork, it moreover enables them to interact with one another through their material, in this instance, sketches or even other graphic imaging. Although the website is accessible, visitors can choose a premium subscription to obtain more services.

It’s really simple to delete your Pixiv membership. Simply complete the form just on the “Leave Pixiv” page and type the password twice. The site, although, is actually tucked away below a tonne of customer service sites.

Describe Pixiv.

In the Japanese drawing network Pixiv, creators can connect with one another and exchange work. Takahiro Kamitani and Takanori Katagiri created this business in 2007, which is situated in Tokyo, Japan.

The Cost of a Pixiv Account?

Pixiv accounts are cost-free. Anyone can access the service despite having a login because signing up is free. But you’ll require a Pixiv username and password when you wish to submit any artwork. On their page or by downloading their app onto your smartphone, you should consider signing up for one. Pixiv is a website where creators may post their creation and discuss it with fellow users from all over the globe.


How can I locate any person’s Pixiv ID?

Obtaining somebody’s pixiv ID depends on their settings page and interests, hence there is no universally applicable solution to this problem. But there are various methods for discovering someone’s pixiv ID, such as having a look at their name or account title on the website, perusing their viewing room entries, or utilizing a search engine such As google.

Can one remove their Pixiv profile?

A pixiv profile can be deleted, so absolutely. You must go to the user profile page and select “remove account” in order to accomplish this.

How can I deactivate the Pixiv Booth login?

Observe these instructions to deactivate your Pixiv Booth login:

  • Open your Pixiv profile and log in.
  • In the upper right section of the website, hit the “Booth” icon.
  • Select the “Disable my account” button inside the upper left side of the “Booth” tab.
  • To complete deleting your profile, adhere to the steps displayed on the page.


Fortunately, you were able to remove the Pixiv profile quickly by using this “How to Delete Pixiv Account?” method. Anyone can deactivate the identity by using any of the aforementioned techniques, albeit deleting your profile by email could take longer than some other options because it depends on the Pixiv customer service team.

If this information has been useful to you in deleting your Pixiv profile, please spread the word to your friends and siblings so that this topic can move forward.

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