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I Can’t Follow Anyone on TikTok, here is the fix

I Can’t Follow Anyone on TikTok, here is the fix

A lot of personalities, producers, and performers have made TikTok their base on social media.  An essential aspect of TikTok’s pleasure is following people. It may be annoying if one can’t follow the individuals they want to. Let us just investigate the details and discover any potential reasons why I can’t follow anyone on TikTok.

Why I Can’t Follow Someone else on TikTok

You might not be capable of following somebody on TikTok for several reasons.

If your following limitation has been met, or you might have been shadow-banned, TikTok may prohibit you from pursuing anyone or briefly prevent you from doing so.

Apart from these main two reasons, there are many other reasons that could also be preventing you from following someone.

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Try these fixes

You may have reached your Daily Following Limit.

On TikTok, the majority of individuals are blocked from following after they reach the daily or hourly limitation for following.

Newcomers on TikTok can follow upwards of, 140 profiles every day and 30 followers per hour, as per statistics.

Therefore, your profile will momentarily be prohibited from following any additional accounts if you join well over 140 persons every day.

Sadly, there isn’t a patch or a way out of this. Wait patiently till the following whole day hour.

Slow off the days following as a standard guide in order for the TikTok mechanism begin to identify you as just a frequent user rather than a new user! Additionally, limit the number of individuals you follow each day by being careful as to whom you connect.

TikTok may Believe that You’re A Bot

The possibility that perhaps the TikTok engine has labeled you as just a bot is yet another justification for banning you from joining users.

Occasionally, TikTok is unable to tell if such an identity is being used by a person or a robot.  Whenever your network is open, it occurs.

Because so many people share the very same Internet address, accessing open Wi-Fi can be problematic.

Due to this, the TikTok system will consider you to be a bot.

Therefore, the TikTok Program will identify you as nothing more than a scammer if you’ve joined to a cellular internet and prevent you from joining any additional accounts or carrying out standard account functions.

Your profile will be able to follow after the uncertainty is removed.

Modify your user’s password or login to a secret network to quickly prevent the program from identifying you as a bot.

There may be a server problem.

  1. Test the TikTok server availability if your app isn’t working properly and won’t let you follow people.
  2. It’s possible that TikTok isn’t working.
  3. You are helpless in that situation.
  4. Pause for the system to start operating normally once more, and your issue will be resolved.
  5. Users may have a Private Account.

The profile you are attempting to follow is personal, if you start to imitate it and get the notice “You can’t follow this profile because of the privacy restrictions of the account.”

You must pause for the account owner to approve your demand while using a private account. You have no choice but to wait for the other individual to accept your invitation. Sometimes you really won’t be capable of following a profile if another user already banned you from your personal TikTok profile. TikTok would not let people know whenever anyone blocks you, so you don’t realize that you can’t even follow a person because of a blockage or another technical issue.

You are powerless to take any action when either a private user is following you or you have been blocked. Even TikTok is unable to assist you.

Relaunch the app.

Restarting the app is among the fastest ways you could do if you’re unable to follow users on TikTok. It will enable your systems to refresh TikTok’s assets and fix any issues that might have sprung up while they were being used.

TikTok may be restarted on the majority of contemporary iOS and Android smartphones by utilizing the program switcher.

To find TikTok in the application switch, slide up to the bottom of the display. To delete an item from either the menu and halt its operation, drag or swipe itself forward. Once finished, return to your main screen and start TikTok again there. By tapping the Home key repeatedly, you can access the app switcher on earlier iOS devices.

How to Determine If You Can’t Follow Anybody on TikTok

Simply follow a bunch of users to test this, when the follow option keeps going away, TikTok has barred you. If it just occurs to one individual, you have been blocked by that person.

When you attempt to follow somebody on TikTok, and it abruptly stops allowing you do so, this means that you have been effectively halted from following individuals and won’t be able for a while to do so.


TikTok’s users and marketers both depend on following other users. You may feel frustrated and discouraged if TikTok prohibits you from joining any accounts. The accompanying TikTok function can occasionally become unavailable due to faults or a server issue, like something of a bug or shadow-ban. In other instances, an outmoded app may be the culprit.

Inform the TikTok support staff if the issue is not fixed after attempting the numerous solutions in this post; they would be able to figure out the underlying reason.


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