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Tinder notifications won’t go away, here’s the fix

Tinder notifications won’t go away

Users have several questions regarding Tinder notifications won’t go away, whenever you notice a text notification on the main screen of the Tinder app indicating that you should have new messages, you undoubtedly get pleased if you are using Tinder. The notice on the phone is a number beside the Tinder app that shows how many unclaimed messages or unverified matches you currently have.

Users may communicate with one another on Tinder using Wi-Fi, just like with regular iMessage. Also, visible to users is when other individuals are typing. Nevertheless, occasionally Tinder will display messages even though none are truly accessible. What causes this to occur? There are countless potential causes for this problem, and we will go into detail about each one if you encounter it.

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Do you think you might have a bug?

The Tinder program on one’s phone might be the problem if it isn’t Tinder services. Programs occasionally experience problems and grow bugs. Although it occurs infrequently in well-developed applications, all apps soon face this.

Typically, even the bug comes from your phone and not the program. Tinder needs your device’s screen and messaging capabilities to work effectively, among many other things.

The Tinder notifications might not go completely away or may alert you to a new message even though there isn’t one, even if your smartphone is temporarily having integration issues with Tinder.

Since you cannot identify the root cause of a defect, finding a fix might be challenging. To find the solution that fits you, users would have to test out multiple fixes. To solve the Tinder alert error on your device, please at least try the solutions listed below sequentially.


Restart the App

The very first option to accomplish is to reopen the application if you’ve opened Tinder to examine your texts and results and also have done so fully but are still seeing the notice on your device’s main screen.

Because of a phenomenon is known as a “Notification Freeze,” Tinder might well have displayed notifications of fresh messages or matches even after you’ve cleared them all completely.

  • Restarting the app
  • Log off Tinder
  • Slide it past recently used items
  • Relaunch the Tinder application.
  • When Tinder is closed, the notification should disappear using Tinder.

Start closing the site and reload it if you encounter a problem with a new chat or match alert on Tinder that won’t go away.

Disable Notifications

Even if disabling notifications could not be the best option for you, this at least avoids the irksome mistake of persistently receiving false notifications of new messages or ignoring matching on the main screen.

Either straight on Tinder or through the notification options on the smartphone, you may disable notifications.

Switch off Tinder’s notifications

  • Tap the icon for your profile.
  • Click on Settings in the sidebar
  • Decide on Notifications.
  • Slide the switch to stop receiving push alerts for upcoming events on your smartphone.
  • Using the phone’s settings, disable notifications

For Android Users

  • Open your device’s Settings application
  • From the app settings, choose Notifications.
  • After choosing App Notifications, pick Tinder.
  • You might directly access Tinder from Notifications on certain smartphones.
  • Turn Display Notifications off in the Tinder alert settings tab.

The account might Have Been Deleted by the User

The individual may have messaged you before deleting the profile shortly after, which is another explanation for why the red marker indicator could be present.

Tinder users frequently use the app a day and then choose to not be the very next. You will continue to see a red marker indication when a person messages your account before deciding they would like to erase it.

You must hold off on deleting this red marker notification there until the system keeps pace. To realize the person is no longer present and to remove the message, you might need to open and exit the application numerous times.


Therefore, if you’re confident that things are functioning properly on your application, on Tinder servers, also with your internet access, you may just need to check it out occasionally when the Tinder alerts persist despite the fact that you’ve seen them.



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